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Usats training – Travel anywhere in the world, and you’re likely to find a USATS graduate operating safely there. We’ve trained thousands of aviators from more than 120 countries.

Our pilots can be found flying Search and Rescue missions in the coastal regions of the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, providing VIP or recreational transport over the glacial fields of Alaska and the skyline of New York City, flying military missions over the jungles of Colombia or Peru or the deserts of Africa, and beyond.

The Early Years

The USATS story began in 1987, the year Helicopter Adventures Inc. (HAI) was founded by Mr. Patrick Corr in Concord, CA.

By 2007, the company had grown substantially and was relocated to Titusville, Florida. In Titusville, HAI became a wholly owned subsidiary of Bristow Group, Inc., and was rebranded as Bristow Academy.

Setting the Standard for Quality

For the next ten years, Bristow Academy set the standard for quality helicopter pilot training. This was a time of development for our key training programs, which were geared toward a new breed of career-oriented student helicopter pilot.

An Exciting Future

There has never been a better time to enter the aviation industry. Helicopter pilots have a wide range of exciting, challenging, and high-paying career options. For example, the airline industry is facing a crippling shortage of quality-trained entry-level pilots.

USATS’ current Director, Todd Smith, saw a chance to help pilots advance their careers while providing high-quality pilots to a hungry commercial aviation industry. Usats Training.

In November 2017, Bristow Academy came under new ownership and changed its name to U.S. Aviation Training Solutions, Inc. The name reflects our evolving mission to train, mentor, and support the careers of professional aviators.


We invite our alumni to connect with us to foster the relationships we have built and stay in touch!

What Students Say About USATS

  • There were several factors that I took into consideration when selecting the institution for my professional helicopter training pilot. These factors were safety, quality of training programs, facilities, and weather. I felt that it was important to choose a school with an excellent safety record and a culture of safety. Everything from the ground school lessons to the flight instruction was provided with very experienced and knowledgeable instructors and modern facilities that you cannot find in any other schools. I did not choose a professional pilot training school because of the sun and beaches that are near USATS. I wanted to make my decision based on tangible factors! A school that would equip me with real professional skills and that would help me to be a leader in the aviation industry. The weather was also a significant factor in selecting USATS that allowed the ability to fly a lot, without risking my safety and the quality of my learning experience. Off course, I had some cancellations because of the weather, but I was able to fly consistently throughout the year. Moreover, because of the school’s best practices and long-term history in the aviation industry, I learned that the school’s graduates have been always considered very desirable candidates for offshore jobs since the school prepares you with the mindset of safety, professional decision making, and discipline. One of the major reasons, and maybe the most important one besides the safety culture at Bristow, is that after your education you can have one year to work as a PILOT in the U.S. This opportunity is priceless! If you wanted to get a work after completing your education as a fresh pilot in, for example, Europe, you would maybe work as a loadmaster for years, before getting considered for a pilot position. So, working in the U.S., which has huge possibilities for helicopter positions, allows you to build hours and get HANDS ON EXPERIENCE. Jacob F. Haram

    Jacob F. Haram EASA student
  • My experience at the school was unique and rewarding. I had the opportunity to meet people from all over world, including classmates, faculty, and staff. It was a multicultural experience from day one. During my professional pilot training program, I learned how to be a professional helicopter pilot, but I also learned self-responsibility, teamwork, leadership, time management, decision making, and safety. They taught me that hard skills and soft skills are equally important to be leader in the aviation industry. There are many schools available to obtain a pilot’s license, but only one that gives you a holistic experience. From day one, I understood that my responsibility as a helicopter pilot goes above and beyond of passing check rides. I would recommend this school to anyone who is serious in becoming a leader and a professional pilot. I miss being in my black and white uniform. Marcio Gomes Country: Angola

    Marcio Gomes FAA Commercial Training Program
  • When I decided to become a Helicopter Pilot I started asking people in the industry where they would recommend me doing my training and the name that kept coming up was Bristow Academy. Renowned for their safe and professional training that seemed like a good choice to make. At the Academy I was surrounded by fellow students that all shared the common goal of becoming Commercial Pilots. The teachers shared the same enthusiasm so there was always help to hand.  I am now working as a Flight Instructor in the UK where I get to teach future Helicopter Pilots.” Peter Wiuf Country: Denmark

    Peter Wiuff Combined FAA/EASA Professional Pilot Program
  • “Hello,  My name is Mats Faye Sture, and I am a former Bristow Academy student. I chose Bristow Academy because of their great reputation for providing excellent training. I knew that an education from them would make me stand out in the job market and give me an advantage to the start of my career. They exceeded my expectations by providing me with far more than just reputable training. From the very first day, Bristow Academy staff was there to help me with everything that I needed.  One year later, I have reached 800 flight hours. I am working as a flight instructor at Midwest Helicopter Academy, in St- Louis, Mo, while continuing to implement safety as my number one priority due to Bristow's emphasis on "Target Zero."  I am proud to say that I graduated from Bristow Academy."

    Mats Sture Combined FAA/EASA Professional Pilot Program
  • “One of the reasons that I chose Bristow was the quality of the training they provide, plus it is known as the best helicopter academy in the world. I had the opportunity to have a demo flight in Titusville, FL and that’s when I knew that’s where I want my dream to become true. The helicopters they had, the installations and the staff, everything was great, so I decided to start my career as a Professional Helicopter Pilot at Bristow Academy in Titusville, FL.  My experience there was great. I will admit it was hard due to the high quality of training; you had to study a lot. I was a foreign student, and the staff, classmates and instructors were great especially Ronnie Morales, Jason Krum, Matt Crosby and Hodges Brown. The experiences I had in flight with all the different instructors were amazing and the knowledge I acquired was enormous. I obtained my PPL, IR, CPL, CFI, CFII, AGI and I couldn’t be happier with the training I received. Nowadays I’m working as a helicopter pilot in Colombia, where we are using the MD 500D and 530F for our different types of operations like VIP transport and sky tours. My FAA certificates have opened a lot of doors for me; also my improved English language skills have given me many advantages.” Daniel Pelaez Guarin Country: Colombia

    Daniel Pelaez Guarin FAA Professional Pilot Program
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