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Next USATS Professional Pilot Program Course – November 2018!

November 2018 – EASA CPL(H) with ATPL/IR(H) Theoretical Knowledge Credit course (with options for FAA IR and / or FAA CPL and / or CFI / CFII) Professional Pilot Program

This course will allow graduates to take up employment as a commercial helicopter pilot (CPL/H) whilst also fully preparing them for the next stage in their professional flying career. The pinnacle of a pilots licensing requirements is the ATPL/IR that enables the pilot to act as Pilot-In-Command of large multi-engine multi-crew helicopters.

This is a demanding training course delivered over 39 weeks and comprising 192 flight hours and over 750 classroom hours. Additional self-study time will be needed by each student to review material, reference question databases, and prepare for the next lessons. Students must have a current FAA / ICAO PPL to join this course.

USATS is currently the only school in the U.S. that holds the necessary approvals to deliver this type of course. For non-U.S. students returning to Europe this course will prepare them academically for the rest of their flying career and the demanding and challenging flying environments found in Europe. USATS Intensive flight training USA.

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