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Aviation is not just about flying, birds can fly. Aviation is about leadership, safety, and embracing a sense of adventure that few have the capacity to master. Aviation is hours of study, maintaining your health at a high level, and joining a community of professionals that author the pages of history. Aviation isn’t easy and the price can be quite high….but if you want a rewarding career that you will never regret, it is well worth the journey…come join us and the next generation of Aviation Professionals. Begin Your Aviation Career Here.

Quality-Based Training

How does one judge aviation training quality? Expensive aircraft? Nice facilities? How about we just look at success, safety, and experience to start with. USATS has a 32-year history of training thousands of pilots from over 120 different countries…and 2 astronauts! (Bolden and Knudsen) Our graduates occupy the cockpits of every sector of the helicopter industry throughout the world. No matter which of the hundreds of career paths you choose…you will find at least one of our graduates has already blazed a path for you.

World-Class Training Programs

Challenge our training professionals to create a training path that meets your personal career goals!

Our training professionals will evaluate your needs from every possible angle, including considerations like aircraft type, special flight requirements, host country regulatory requirements, instrument training, and certifications all the way to an instructor rating! (We often hire our graduates as instructors to help build quality hours and experience.)

Modular Courses

A range of courses that can be taken separately for students wishing to progress their flying in stages:

  • PPL(H) – Helicopter Private Pilot License
  • PPL(A) – Airplane Private Pilot License
  • CPL(H) Helicopter Commercial Pilot License (FAA or EASA)
  • CPL(A) – Airplane Commercial Pilot License
  • CFI – Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor Course
  • CFII – Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Course
  • IR – Instrument Rating
  • EASA Theoretical Knowledge (TK)(EASA TK)
  • Special Mission Training – courses including Night Vision Goggles (NVG); External Load/Bambi Bucket; Search & Rescue (SAR); Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) Modular Egress Training Simulator(METS) training; HAZMAT Training and Emergencies Procedures

Professional Pilot Programs

A range of longer, integrated professional pilot courses designed for organizations or individuals seeking to graduate “Career Ready”:

  • FAA Integrated CPL(H) for aspiring commercial helicopter pilots – includes FAA PPL(H), FAA IR(H), FAA CPL(H)
  • FAA Commercial Training Program – as above and includes FAA CFI/CFII to allow employment as an instructor for experience and hours building

R2W- Rotor to Wings program

USATS is a validated training provider for many Regional Airlines who have a high demand for new First Officers. USATS will take experienced military, public service, and Part 135 helicopter pilots and give them the necessary airplane transition credentials and hours to walk directly into an airline job. Many of the regional airlines will hire you prior to your transition and pay for your training.

Check out for information on all the Regional Airlines.

Military helicopter pilots, please check out our friends at RTAG (Rotary To Airline Group) – they are a non-profit organization built to assist the military in the helicopter to airline transition

Specialist Courses – for Already Qualified Pilots

A range of courses designed to help already qualified pilots select a different career heading:

  • Training in support of new unit operations – USATS can offer programs of training to support new units in fields including law enforcement & HEMS operations.

Experienced Instructors

Our training is designed and delivered by experienced aviators, career pilots and military veterans who have experienced every kind of flight condition and machine. Whether you’re headed for exotic destinations, oil fields, accident scenes, wildfires, or busy city streets we’ll prepare you for what you’ll really experience out there.

Rich History & Alumni

Travel anywhere in the world, and you’re likely to find a USATS graduate operating safely there. We’ve trained thousands of aviators from more than 120 countries.


Pilot safety is our highest priority at USATS and we work hard to provide the highest possible quality of training. Our rigorous safety training exceeds the standards set by regulatory bodies, like the FAA and EASA and this how we make a difference.

When we design our training courses, we consider safety first, assessing all possible angles; land features, weather, operation types, and flight conditions, for example. Then we design our training courses to account for these challenges.

  • Our turbine transition course introduces the Bell 206 at a juncture when the student is ready.
  • Our airplane fleet is all glass cockpit and has a more expensive Garmin 1000 which is a safer, smoother transition to the more complex aircraft utilized by the airlines.

Our commitment to safe piloting can be seen in the results. In our more than 32 years in operation, we’ve successfully trained thousands of pilots from more than 120 countries.

Aircraft Fleet


Many flight schools save a lot of money using tired and antiquated airplanes; at USATS we set the bar much higher. We have a growing fleet of Cessna and Diamond aircraft. Most of our aircraft are new models with G1000 glass cockpits. Single and Multi-Engine complex with retractable landing gear. This fleet of aircraft is dependable and will get you accustomed to the level of technology you will see in the airlines.


We offer a selection of top-rated training helicopters including popular Schweizer, Robinson, and Bell models.

  • Schweizer 300CBi (TH-55): A great training helicopter. The Schweizer is stable and easy to fly with an excellent safety record.
  • Robinson R-22 and R-44: The world’s most popular civilian training helicopters. Instructors and students like them for their speed and power.
  • Bell 206B Jet Ranger: Perhaps the most recognizable helicopter in the world, Bell 206 Jet Rangers are used for a wide variety of purposes, like news reporting, sheriffs’ patrols, and air ambulance.


Florida is an ideal location for flight training, it’s a little hot in the summer and cool in the winter, and you get a lot of flying days due to our tropical climate. Our proximity to the world-famous Cocoa Beach (Ron Jon’s Surf Shop), The Kennedy Space Center, Walt Disney World, and some of the best fishing in the world make this a great place to train and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Career Support

Our goal is to train, mentor, and support aviation professionals throughout their careers. We expect our graduates to be the leaders in the Aviation Industry and we never stop supporting your goals.

You can trust USATS with your aviation career:

  • Our alumni base dates back more than 32 years and spans over 120 countries.
  • You can find USATS graduates operating safely in every sector of the helicopter aviation industry and every part of the globe.
  • We’ve achieved global recognition as a premier provider of quality-based helicopter pilot training.

Once you’ve completed your flight training, we’ll assist you with job placement and career support.

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