Helicopter Fleet

Our helicopter training fleet consists of 25 aircraft comprising the Schweizer S300, Robinson R44 & R22 and Bell 206B-3, in addition, we have 2 FRASCA simulators.  

Schweizer S300


The S300 has a Lycoming fuel-injected piston engine with overspeed protection on start, automatic rotor engagement as well as a low rotor RPM warning system. A derivative of the originally developed TH-55 US Army training aircraft developed in the late 1950’s, its pedigree is unmistakable making it the natural choice as a safe, affordable initial trainer.   



The four-seat R44 Raven I gets you into a commercially viable higher performing aircraft that is reliable and easy to maintain. R44s have a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic and the aerodynamic fuselage optimizes airspeed and fuel economy. Hydraulic controls provide responsive handling while the Lycoming’s O-540 carbureted engine with carburetor heat assist enhances safety and reduces pilot workload enabling you to cope with the extra riggers of instrument and commercial flying



The two-seat R22 helicopter is a proven workhorse that has delivered exceptional performance in a variety of applications for over thirty years. The R22 also has a two-bladed rotor system with T-bar cyclic.  It does not quite have the pedigree for initial training as the S300; however, its fuel sipping qualities can help lower the training costs when flying cross country.   


Bell 206 Jet Ranger

No line up would be complete without the ubiquitous Allison 250 turboshaft powered B206 Jet Ranger.  In 1993, the U.S. Army chose the Bell 206B-3 as its new primary Training Helicopter.  It is the ideal initial turbine entry machine and with a similar two-bladed rotor system as the R44, the transition is well within your grasp. 


Recognizing the industry shift in technology, our R44 and B206 have enhanced digital primary and multi-functional displays via the Garmin 500 providing the latest flight instrument system.  In addition, our S300 and B206 are fitted with the Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) allowing pilots to get initial training on Night Vision Goggles (NVG).  

Using the right aircraft at the right time in your training is critical in providing a seamless transition into that first career job.  We have the helicopters and the curriculum to do just that. 


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